Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Introducing Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Previously part of the older Faculty of Humanities, the present-day Faculty of Law and Political Sciences is a three-decade institution. It commenced its independent enterprise since 2015 with Dr. Seyed Khodayar Mortazavi as Dean and Dr. Mangoli as Vice-dean of education and Azimzadeh as Vice-dean of research. However, sub-disciplines of Theology and Jurisprudence and Basics of Islamic Law are also taught in this faculty. Presently, there are 4 BA, 15 MA, and 13 PhD programs being held accommodating 3400 students.   

BA programs:

  1. Law
  2. Political Sciences
  3. Theology-Jurisprudence and Basics of Islamic Law
  4. Family Studies

MA programs:

  1. Private Law
  2. Economic Financial Law
  3. International Commerce Law
  4. Deeds and Estates Registry Law
  5. Penal Law and Criminology
  6. General Law
  7. International Law
  8. Jurisprudence and Private Law
  9. Political sciences
  10. Political Thought in Islam
  11. International Relations  
  12. Theology and Islamic Sciences-Jurisprudence and Basics of Islamic Law
  13. Theology and Islamic Sciences-Quran and Hadith
  14. Women’s Studies-Women and Family


PhD program:

  1. International Relations
  2. Political Sciences
  3. Political Sciences-Public Decision Making
  4. Political Sciences-Political Thought
  5. Political Sciences-Issues in Iran
  6. Political Sciences-Political sociology
  7. Private Law
  8. General Law
  9. Penal Law and Criminology
  10. International General Law
  11. Philosophy of Science
  12. Theology and Islamic Sciences-Quran and Hadith
  13. Theology and Islamic Sciences- Philosophy and Islamic Discourse (Kalam)


Physical Spaces (4000 m2)


  1. 36 classrooms
  2. Library including 2 reading halls for girls and boys
  3. Informatics site
  4. Auditorium
  5. Viva room
  6. Student Societies room
  7. Political sciences International Journal Office
  8. Council hall
  9. Buffet and canteen
  10. Baseej Office
  11. Supreme Leader’s Representative Office
  12. Prayer house
  13. Publishing Office
  14. Computer services
  15. Other administrative bureaus (Dean’s office, education, research, student affairs, financial and official, archive, Professors’ room)