Faculty of Art and Architecture

Dean of the Faculty

Leila Karimi Fard, PhD + PostDoc

Bordeaux University, France

La Villette University, France


Introducing Faculty of Art and Architecture

As the ninth faculty of IAU, South Tehran Branch, it was instituted in the year 2013. It can grant admission to candidates for BA, MA, and PhD programs of various art and architecture sub-disciplines. The university had actually been accepting students at Associate Degree level of architecture and graphic design since 1996 before BA program of architectural engineering (2002) and MA program of architecture (2013) in Technical and Engineering Faculty were established. Following foundation of newer disciplines of urban planning engineering (BA) and costume design (BA), an independent faculty of art and architecture was needed to take form. Presently, this faculty has enrolled 4500 students in BA (continuous and noncontinuous), MA, and PhD programs and in disciplines of architecture, art research, landscape architecture, interior architecture, costume design, restoration and revitalization of historical fabrics and buildings, illustration, architectural technology (digital architecture and bionic architecture), and project and construction management. The faculty aims for qualitative development.