Memorandum of Education Bureau

It behooves the Education Bureau to committedly implement a wholesome process of admission, education, and consummation of academic course for the sake of students and accordingly interacts with students and professors (tenured or untenured). Therefore, departments of admission, administration, educational planning, education, examination, and graduation have been formulated for the due services. Moreover, an office maintains employment of tenured faculty members and invited professors. Since 2007, following a plan of decentralization in favor of rendering faculties autonomous, students’ frequency of personal visitation to Iranshahr Headquarters has been downsized for the purpose of accelerated response and service. Over the recent years, there arose opportunities for revision of administrative affairs for better service giving in terms of management of process freshmen admission such as score reports investigation, enrollment, credits deletion and addition, pre- and while-requisite, academic filing, graduation, class venues, etc. All these and even more are taken care of via ENROLL system as the connecting portal. The Faculty Members Bureau is in charge of occupational and welfare of tenured and invited professors facilitating their certifications and promotions as designated by their academic performance.