Students & Cultural Affairs

Student Affairs  

Incentive measures:

  • Enhancing scientific knowledge and insight of student affairs administrative staff
  • Holding scientific tours and camps to meet students’ needs

       Infrastructural measures:

  • Paving the ground for attendance of students in scientific Olympiads, regional, national, and international contests
  • Instituting standard sports clubs
  • Establishing sports complex
  • Configuring robust athletic teams
  • Ceaseless monitoring for enhanced food quality
  • Designing systematic student opinion polling mechanism to feed macro/micro decision making

Cultural affairs

Incentive measures:

  • Holding sessions on topical interpretation of The Holy Quran and The Nahjulbalaqah
  • Paying regular tribute to cultural elites (among professors, staff, and students)
  • Offering proper facilities to student activities and supporting student journals
  • Infrastructural measures: 
  • Enhancing cultural status of professors
  • Enhancing cultural status of staff
  • Enhancing cultural status of students
  • Boosting quality and variety of student cultural societies
  • Planning for qualitative enhancement of executed cultural programs in faculties
  • Planning for canvassing audience in various cultural programs
  • Launching cultural databank of professors
  • Launching cultural databank of staff
  • Launching cultural databank of students
  • Considering cultural points for professors’ scientific upgrading
  • Considering cultural points for assigning organizational and managerial posts to staff and professors
  • Enhancing quality of cultural special edition bulletins

Deterrent measures:

  • Enforcing regulations upon performance of student journals and societies
  • Assessing student cultural and extracurricular activities on a systematic basis