Research Affairs

Research Affairs:

Incentive measures:

  • Facilitating Professors’ and students’ attendance in scientific international congregations
  • Galvanizing research projects that reflect societal needs
  • Publishing scientific works inked by the faculty members and other elites
  • Designating financial sources of income for in-house researchers by hiring them in research centers
  • Increasing per capita share of full-time tenured faculty members’ research projects and manuscripts

Infrastructural measures:

  • Smoothing the regulations to bless faculty members with sabbaticals  
  • Discovering and Affiliating gifted students and setting up the ground for their research areas of interest
  • Examining the capacity for signing joint research projects with foreign universities
  • Starting up and equipping research centers that address the needs of society within the discretion of the branch
  • Designing and preserving a dynamic multilingual website
  • Expanding mechanization facilities of varied dimensions
  • Laying mechanized logistic infrastructures for decision making (DSS)
  • Laying proper systematic grounds for incessant enhancement of quality of IAU-affiliated scientific journals in hopes of maintaining international acclaim
  • Supplying channels of access to up-to-the-minute scientific sources
  • Ushering postgraduate research into STB research centers for generating applied added value
  • Setting the foundation for an administrable compute mega-network
  • Procuring management information system based on the existing or forthcoming online transaction system as the unitary instrument for policy making by strategic management strata in the Branch
  • Updating access inlets to worldwide web according to the number of students (128 kilo byte in second per student) via Wi-Fi or computer sites
  • Re-sizing computer sets accessible to students in laboratories or sites to accord with the number of students
  • Upgrading the computer network from layer 1 to layers 2 and 3 and rendering existing network equipment administrable
  • Supplementing online systems in research, cultural, and civil vice-chancellorship
  • Offering increasing web-based services to students and professors for their learning/teaching and research pursuits
  • Consolidating STB buildings and departments and launching highly secure optical fiber-based network
  • Holding OJT programs for technical personnel of computer department for furthering their tact quantitatively and qualitatively

Deterrent Measures:

  • Systematic assessing of research-related performance and profile of faculty members, educational departments, faculties and the branch, and issuing respective reports
  • Levying depreciative regulations for faculty members shunning criterial research portfolio
  • Stipulating statutes on administration of theses and dissertations and student seminars for upholding standard scientific achievements and easing social tensions