Educational affairs

Educational affairs: 

Incentive measures:  

  • Systematic introducing of exemplary professors in academic fields, departments, faculties, and the university
  • Prioritizing allocation of academic courses and dissertations according to faculty members’ research and educational profile and CV
  • Stipulating fiscal enactments to legislate rates for teaching hours, staffing stipend and enhancement right of tenured and untenured faculty members
  • Offering incentives for lecturers’ pursuit of studies

Infrastructural measures:

  • Holding proper OJT (On the Job Training) and developmental workshops
  • Transmuting teaching curricula and methodologies and enhancing teachers’ academic skills
  • Revising the contents of the syllabi
  • Equipping faculties with updated educational amenities and resources
  • Staffing new faculty members to ameliorate the academic pyramid
  • Awarding scholarship to PhD candidates in needed disciplines
  • Reiterating admission of students in postgraduate levels
  • Staffing full-time tenured faculty members and de-staffing or downsizing untenured teachers
  • Training PhD holders in cooperation with creditable domestic and international universities  
  • Deterrent measures:
  • Systematic evaluation of academic performance of faculty members
  • Depreciating grade and base and even expelling of faculty members