Objectives and Mission

The Prospect of IAU, STB

The Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch is the most prominent setting, among all IAU branches, in technological and engineering territories of science that enjoys international credit and Iranian-Islamic identity and aims to attain the following among desiderata of Horizon 1404 (2025) in line with long-term goals of the country’s higher education policies.

  1. Pioneering in technical and engineering spheres of activity in IAU complex
  2. Metamorphosing into a hub or center of excellence in fields of engineering
  3. Attaining independence in decision making and fiscal autonomy under the supervision of the Board of Trustees.
  4. Congregating administrative-academic departments in one campus
  5. Homogenizing university activities for quantitative and qualitative expansion of post-graduate education
  6. Exhibiting active participation and partnership in international assemblies by way of presenting over-the-top global-scale achievements
  7. Obtaining and maintaining distinction in minds of applicants for learning in IAU
  8. Launching self-sufficient research centers for promotion of ties with scientific institutions and organizations