History of south Tehran Branch

The History of IAU, STB


Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch is the third-in-rank academic branch of the Islamic Azad University. Today, South Tehran Branch with regard to the number of students—40.000—is known as the second largest university of Iran. Besides, South Tehran Branch’s Faculty of Engineering with approximately 20.000 students is marked as the largest university both in Iran and the Middle East. This 36 year old branch also resides among the five top-tiers of Islamic Azad University. In 2014, in accordance with ” Scimago”, the ranking system based on the scientific information of Scopus database (affiliated with Science Direct), “South Tehran Branch” after “Science and Research Branch” is deemed the second ranking university among all Islamic Azad University branches. In terms of Webometrics, in the year 2020, STB was ranked third among all branches of IAU. This branch offers 72 authorized PhD, 159 MS/MA, 49 Continuous BS/BA, and 17 Non-Continuous BS/BA fields of study. Presently, the Chancellor of this university is Dr.Vahid Chegini who can be reached directly via  v_chegini@azad.ac.ir for your ideas, opinions, comments, suggestions, and complaints.

IAU, STB was instituted in 1985 in Tehran focusing on disciplines affiliated to technology and engineering. It commenced its enterprise with 700 students of Associate’s Degree in various fields of technology. In the meantime, laboratories and workshops developed to accommodate Bachelor’s levels as well. Gradually, several Master’s disciplines and majors were introduced into its corporation. The Faculty of Technology is the largest among all branches of IAU with respect to magnitude of area and multitude of students. Following the year 1985, the academic disciplines proliferated both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The students receive their academic tutelage in 13 colleges as follows:


  1. Chemical Engineering and Polymer
  2. Computer and Information Technology (Shahid Hemmat)
  3. Civil Engineering, Mining, and Mechanics (Shahid Bakeri)
  4. Management
  5. Persian Literature and Foreign Languages
  6. Industrial Engineering
  7. Psychology and Educational Sciences
  8. Law, and Political Sciences
  9. Accounting, and Economic and Financial Sciences
  10. Physical Education and Athletic Sciences
  11. Basic Sciences
  12. Art and Architecture
  13. Electrical Engineering


The STB entails 6 deputyship as follows:


  1. Educational
  2. Research and Technological
  3. Students and Cultural
  4. Administrative and Financial
  5. Technical and Civil
  6. Planning and Economic Affairs


It also is home to certain independent management offices that would pursue their commissioned agenda as regards education, bureaucracy, and research within the university complex.  Since its inception in 1985, this university branch has reared 165552 alumni from among whom 201 are PhD, 24408 are Master’s, 89261 Continuous Bachelor’s, 39993 Non-Continuous Bachelor’s, 3205 Continuous Associate’s, 8484 Non-Continuous Associate’s Degree holders.