The STB Chancellor’s message for commencing the second academic semester in 1399-1400 (2021)

27 February 2021 | 11:07 Code : 16661 News & Views


In the name of God


I would like to commence by congratulating the arrival of the second semester in 2021 (1399-1400), which happens to coincide with the blissful month of Rajab, to all the honorable students, our distinguished professors and respected staff of South Tehran Branch. South Tehran Branch, one of the  reputable branches of Islamic Azad University in Iran aspires to develop to one of the most top-tier branches in the near future with the unsparing support of the esteemed authorities of Islamic Azad University as well as  the reliance on the remarkable scientific expertise of professors, students and the adept compassionate staff in this branch.

Having 30 years’ experience in state higher education and 10 years hands-on experience in international research and academic activities, I believe in long-run planning, and I have a sincere aspiration not only can we solve the current problems in this branch, but also develop this branch to one of the most leading and vanguard universities in this country as well as West Asia region under the patronage of almighty God.

 Furthermore, such endeavor would only be possible by the virtue of our empathy, effort, trust in almighty God, proper planning, abiding the principle of showing reverence for students, professors and staff, using all capacities, and more importantly, by moving towards the path enlightened and portrayed by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khamenei’s “the Second Phase of Revolution statement”, and by precisely implementing the plans, rules and regulations set by Islamic Azad University considering the Islamization document of universities.

Ultimately, I would like to  extend my sincere appreciation to the compassionate, diligent and honorable deans and other authorities of South Tehran branch who have worked selflessly during the past couple of years, especially the respected professor, Dr. Ramin Khajavi for his compassionate and diligent effort  in this branch. I would also like to extend my special gratitude to the Late Imam khomeini’s blessed soul (Rh), the honorable martyrs of the Islamic revolution of Iran and the resistance front.

Wishing health and success for all the students, professors and staffs

Dr. Vahid Chegini

The Chancellor of IAU, South Tehran Branch