Information about final exam for foreign students

10 June 2020 | 11:10 Code : 15321 News & Views


Greetings and Regards ;
Inform that many international students have returned to their home country due to the outbreak of the corona virus, they will not be able to return to Iran by the end of the second semester of the 98-96 semester. Therefore, the exams of this group of students will be held in Mordad 1999.
If the conditions for the return of these people to Iran are provided in Mordad, the exams will be held in person and in compliance with the health protocols, and if the conditions for their return are not provided, the exams will be held online and within the framework of future instructions issued by this deputy. The Information Technology and Scientific Network Center of the University (according to paragraph 11 of Circular No. 152 dated 3/15/99) will be held.
It is necessary to explain that holding the exams of international students who are currently present in the country, should be the same as the Iranian students and within the framework of the provisions of Instruction No. 152 dated 3/15/99.
Also, in order to unite the procedure and prevent any ambiguity and confusion regarding the exams of international students who have left the country, all selected university units should take the necessary measures only within the framework of the procedures and instructions issued by this deputy, the deputy for humanities and The University of the Arts, the Vice Chancellor for Science, Engineering and Agriculture, the Vice Chancellor for Medical Sciences, and the University's Information Technology and Science Network Center.
It is worth mentioning that in order to continuously monitor and follow the educational, consular and exam status of international students who have left the country, It is appropriate that the offices of recruitment and guidance of non-Iranian students of the selected university units take the necessary measures to provide correct information and timely response to this group of students.