Measures to deal with Covid-19 in the South Tehran-Branch

18 April 2020 | 15:42 Code : 15105 News & Views

In accordance with the issue of the related directives from the general management of the Islamic Azad University regarding taking the principled and logical measures against Corona virus, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch under the supervision of Dr. Khajavi as the head of the South Tehran Branch and Dr. Jamal al-Dini, Vice Chancellor for Education and Graduate Studies at the Islamic Azad University of Medical Sciences in Tehran Province,  set up a virtual committee to educate and create the expedient behavioral code to fight the corona virus.

 On the second step, Islamic Azad University of South Tehran Branch launched an educational website to raise the awareness to fight against the corona disease (at: and for the first time at the university level The Corona Fear Questionnaire was presented and tested.

Following the activities mentioned and considering the necessity for timely management and prevention of problems for the health of students, professors and staff of the university, the Virtual Committee for Education and Culture against Corona virus has issued various announcements to inform students and take appropriate decisions accordingly. These decisions included scheduling the attendance of the clerks based on a shift in their workplace, distribution of masks and gloves among the colleagues working in the services and facilities department, daily disinfection of buildings, distribution of shoe covers, washing and disinfection of all workshops, gyms and vehicles, distribution of sanitary detergents and Disinfectants among all employees.

The distribution of hand and face washing sprays for the well-being of employees, the use of thermometers at the entrance to the check the temperature of staff, students and clients, and the thorough disinfection of security guard units have been the continuous and meticulous measures taken by this university branch.

In the next step, due to the closure of face-to-face activities of the university, Basiji students of South Tehran Branch launched a campaign to produce medical shield to meet the requirements and needs of the staff in charge of treating coronary patients in the technical and engineering complex. Mr. Miri the head of the central headquarters in the fight against Corona virus of the Islamic Azad University of Tehran Province visited this line.

The following drastic countermeasures were taken by Basiji students of the South Tehran Branch to confront Corona.

  • Production .... One thousand liters of disinfectant solution in the form of ... thousand bottles ... liters and free distribution among the people
  • Production and distribution of 12,000 face shields for doctors and nurses
  • Preparation and distribution of natural juices for medical staff of hospitals
  • Disinfection of Ashgabat village of Varamin city (deprived areas of Tehran province in two different stages)
  • Preparation and distribution of 300 sanitary packs including masks, gloves, hand sanitizing gel, alcohol and soap among the people of Ashgabat village.
  • Setting up a health station in front of the entrance door of the Technical and Engineering Complex (in this station, measures such as screening using a thermometer, disinfection gel distribution and disinfection of passing vehicles were performed).
  • Production and distribution of 7,500 masks by the Basiji female students of the South Tehran branch and its delivery to the Ministry of Health
  • Production and distribution of 300 sanitary packs in the brick factories situated in Dolatkhah area of Abdul Abad
  • Disinfection of gas stations in District 14 by the Basiji students of South Tehran Branch (twice a day).