A Convention of Plaudits for Top-tier Researchers of IAU, South Tehran Branch was Held Attended by the Honorable Chancellor and Vice-chancellors, Faculty Deans and the Research Cream

22 December 2017 | 00:00 Code : 12460 News & Views

A convention of plaudits for top-tier research hers of IAU, South Tehran Branch was held attended by the honorable chancellor and vice-chancellors, faculty deans and the research cream if the Branch where the esteemed Chancellor, Dr. Olamaei punctuated “Treading en route to a torch-bearing technology-gearing and entrepreneurial university”. He ratiocinated: “Advancement and enhancement of knowledge knowledge and attainment of technology for the elevation of the national scientific status and development of wealth for amelioration of public welfare can come about through sublime research by researchers universities and governmental and non-governmental institutes. Elsewhere he said: “The national Week of Research and technology is an opportune juncture for concentration on varied facets of research for planners and beneficiaries to stay au courant with the state of the art to act upon in their scientific agenda. Reiterating this year’s slogan of the week of research, i.e. Demand-based Research and Commerce-based technology as Infrastructure of Production and Occupation”, he further explicated the macro-objectives of research and technology and punctuated “increasing the quality and quantity of research activities, reinforcing the nexus between society and industry, charging cooperations with organizations and scientific centers, elevating the local and global ranking of the university, ideating and actuating a future-generation university” in hopes of epitomizing a hub for knowledge-based economy and dialogue and awakening for substantial metamorphosis to reflect post-education era.

In his address, Dr. Sheikhan, Vice-Chancellor of Research and Technology noted: “Having printed a 3-decade legacy, the IAU, South Tehran Branch has already instanced an accoladed brand in post-graduate studies fueling the knowledge and expertise of its veteran tenured members all along through celebrated national and international publication (books and journal manuscripts, etc.) and partnership in intra/extramural research projects. He also prided on  “Completing restoration project of doors and windows of Marmar Palace, winning 3 top ranks of the 4th and 5th Festivals of University Intellectuals in 2016, Hilavista’s ranking first in 4th Festival of Aficionados of Science (Jahadgaran-e-Elm) in 2016, ranking 3rd in International Robotics Competition (IRAN-OPEN 2017) in 2017 with VTOL robots, claiming Outstanding Publisher among all branches of IAU in 2017, claiming technical and engineering Eminent Book of the year 2017 on linear control systems, Sponsoring 20 technological nuclei and branches in STB Center of Excellence, Presenting 76 commercialized products.” He further elaborated on the process of electing the superior researchers of the Branch and said: “Nominating and featuring the elite of research and paying tribute to them, and paving platforms for reciprocation of knowledge among stakeholders of research such as curating research products and holding expos and markets, nation-wide conferences and symposia, press conferences, digital and non-digital news media interviews would lay the ground for exaltation of research and national wealth, welfare and security. To conclude the pageant, trophies and certificates of appreciation were presented to 3 senior researchers, a high-ranking journal on English language teaching and translation (JLT), 18 authors of manuscripts in international journals, 16 alumni authors in supreme international journals, a distinguished member of Young Researchers Club, and IRSE Robotics Research Team.